Widiverse Part III.
Reunion with Widi and his friends

The success story of Bergbahnen Hochoetz & Sunkid continues

Place: Oetz /Year: 2019 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

The Widiversum is a success story that is second to none and radiates far beyond the Hochoetz ski area. Today, Widi and his friends are the Ötztal brand ambassadors for families and children and are no longer just present at their original location at the Hochoetz mountain station. Three new themed trails have been expanding the family paradise since summer 2019, transforming it into one of the largest children's adventure worlds in the Alps.

In 2014, Bergbahnen Hochoetz planned the construction of a new storage pond and various infrastructure measures. An essential part of the concept was also the creation of an adventure world around the new reservoir to be built. In the 5 years since Bergbahnen Hochoetz and Sunkid began initial planning, the Hochoetz family ski area has developed from an almost pure winter sports destination to a year-round destination and drawcard for the entire region. With this year's expansion, Widiversum, including its themed trails, is likely to have developed into one of Europe's largest connected nature-based adventure worlds.

A success that also pays off for the mountain railroads and the entire region.

Glück auf - The exciting world of the miners

Here, miner Kuno is the hero. Follow his tracks and learn everything about miners and mining. What is hidden in tunnels and caves? Where do crystals come from? How does a rope hoist work? You will discover all this and much more on the way.

  • Length of the round: 2.5 km - walking time: approx. 1 hr.
  • Stations: Top station > crystal rocks > stone mill > Kunos Stollen > Balbach Alm - Kunos Seilzug > Kühtaile Alm - crystal water > top station
  • Refreshments: Balbach Alm, Kühtaile Alm

All senses - The adventure trail with acumen

Here you have to be as nimble and alert as the squirrel. Test your skills and senses: How fast can you run on a treadmill? How do animal skins and bird feathers feel? Which animal voices can you imitate? You will discover all this and much more on the way.

  • Length of loop: 3.8 km - Walking time: approx. 1 hr. and 20 min.
  • Stations: Mountain station > tracker > rope bridge > balance beam > Acherberg Alm - treadmill, sleuthing, animal gazer, animal voice box > mountain station.
  • Refreshment stop: Acherberg Alm

High up - The round for summit strikers

Here you see the world from a jackdaw's point of view: from above. How high can you get on the climbing crystal? How many mountain peaks can you count on the viewing platform? You'll discover all this and much more along the way. And please smile: At the end WIDI is waiting for you to take a snapshot together.

  • Length of the round: 1.5 km - Walking time: approx. 1 hr.
  • Stations: Mountain station > Balanceakt > Bielefelder Hütte - climbing crystal > WIDI's photo platform > Mountain station
  • Refreshments: Bielefelder Hütte
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