Over hill and dale with the Jahorina Mountain Coaster
Now the premiere season is slowly but surely coming to an end and it is time for a first summary.

When Sunkid announced the addition of the Brandauer Mountain Coaster to the Sunkid family in mid-January, the news caused a huge international response.

Place: Jahorina /Year: 2019 / Product: Mountain Coaster

"We knew that the Mountain Coaster would fit perfectly into our product range and will have very great potential for us in the medium term. However, the result after only one season has clearly exceeded our expectations" says Sunkid CEO Emanuel Wohlfarter. Sunkid was able to realize a whopping 7 projects within only 8 months and thus set a clear exclamation mark on the market. The biggest project of the year was the Jahorina Mountain Coaster, which was opened a few weeks ago. The coaster has a total length of more than 2.5 kilometers with numerous gourmet features and has caused the number of visitors to the Jahorina Olympic Center to skyrocket. "We are already very confident for the coming year as well and, in addition to the individual projects, we will also work on the continuous further development of the Mountain Coaster," concludes Wohlfarter.

Length Valley-ride:
2.3 m
Mountain conveyor system:
Height difference:
332 m

Over hill and dale with the Jahorina Mountain Coaster

Only 30 km away from Sarajevo lies the mountain range Jahorina. Already used as the center of the women's alpine skiing Olympic competition in 1984, the region is now developing into an up-and-coming tourist destination. The area still scores with its original charm, the dense forests and the almost untouched nature. Harmoniously adapted to this idyll, the Jahorina Mountain Coaster has now been built, which celebrated its opening in August 2019 and from there on offers numerous visitors a special experience.

The adventure begins in the bottom station, which is located not far from a few new hotels and guesthouses. From there, the six-seater chairlift takes off and makes its way towards the top of the mountain. Across meadows and wooded areas, it climbs up to the top station and the reservoir next to it at 1900 meters. Only a stone's throw away from the lift station, the unique riding experience begins on a 2.5 km long monorail track. Simply climb aboard the toboggan of the coaster and off you go on a fast-paced journey of discovery through the varied landscape. After passing the first mountain meadows, steep curves lead into the first forest section. Here the jumps are the highlight of the ride. After a short detour back into a meadow landscape, a high-speed curve provides a special kick. Crossing a bridge, you will return to the wooded surroundings, where the trees left close to the track will bring you very close to nature and intensify the driving experience. Then it's out of the forest to the last meters, where a special track design once again provides adrenaline. With the destination already in sight, especially wide curves and the track end brake located at the end of the track lead to a gentle end of an impressive ride. Photo points built into the course have naturally captured special moments and create pictorial memories of an impressive experience.

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