Silvretta Montafon
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At their feet lies the beautiful Montafon with impressive hiking trails, small mountain villages and idyllic spots by the water.

In the west of Austria it rises, the mountain group Silvretta.

Place: Schruns /Year: 2019 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

For nature lovers a perfect place under the sun. In order to strengthen the region in terms of tourism and sustainability and to attract more families with children in summer, the Silvretta Montafon has come up with a number of ideas. This has resulted in two major projects in which Sunkid was significantly involved.

The adventure mountain Hochjoch

From the main town of Schruns in Montafon, the Hochjoch cable car leads up towards the Kapellalpe. Once at 1,850 meters, you can climb via ferratas, explore lakeside biotopes and enjoy the culinary delights after a hut hike. With the recently opened adventure mountain Hochjoch, however, the destination is enriched by a special jewel. Children's eyes begin to sparkle as soon as they step out of the gondola, as a multifaceted world of adventure awaits the little adventurers. The motor parkour built by Sunkid plays a central role. Here they can clamber and balance for all they're worth. Wobbly stones, tree trunks and stepping beams promote a sense of balance, and play equipment with ropes and nets offer climbing fun for young and old. But it gets especially exciting when the parkour is mastered with siblings or friends at the same time. The individual stations were deliberately designed so that they can be used by several children at the same time. The natural forces trail leads from the motor skills parkour to the lake biotope. Various stations impart knowledge about the elements in the mountains in a playful and sustainable way.

The Alpine World Nova

Let's now move south from Hochjoch to the village of Gaschurn. From there we enjoy the beautiful view during the approx. 10-minute ride with the Versettla cable car to the top station. Once at the top, Alpenwelt Nova offers an educational experience. The flora on the mountain looks different than in your own garden and you can also learn a lot about the animals. By means of the Wooden Ball Tracks from Sunkid, which is entirely dedicated to sheep, you can playfully learn what is made from the wool of the Montafon stone sheep. In addition to the educational aspect, the ball track offers families and children one thing above all: fun! By the way, the balls branded with the logo of the destination are also an excellent reminder of the beautiful vacation days that invite you to come back home. It is precisely these balls that ensure that the investment has more than paid off in business terms within a short period of time. In addition to the Wooden Ball Tracks, the new Four Barga Theme Trail also provides information about life on the mountain in individual staions (huts).

The implementation

The company Sunkid convinced with a smooth handling of the project. The individual products were tailor-made according to the customer's wishes and are made of robust, natural larch wood, which makes them very durable. Since all project steps from the inquiry to the planning to the finished implementation are done in-house, the project could be realized within a short time. In general, products from Sunkid have high standards, thus the acceptance by the civil engineer was also carried out without any problems and defects.

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