Mountain Coaster Durau

A new Sunkid Mountain Coaster, a tubing track and two new Moving Carpet rides.

Place: Durau /Year: 2020 / Product: Mountain Coaster

The winter sports resort of Durau, in northeastern Romania, on the edge of the Ceahlău National Park, lies at 800 m embedded in the magnificent mountain landscape of the Eastern Carpathians. This destination, which is particularly popular with hikers and mountaineers in the summer, has recently been enriched by several new attractions. With the Durau Mountain Coaster and an approximately 150-meter-long tubing track, as well as two Moving Carpet rides, substantial investments have been made in expanding the range of summer attractions, but also for the winter season.

Especially popular with young and young-at-heart guests is the well thought-out track layout and the low installation height of the facility. Just above the ski slope, which is unused in the summer, it goes down the slope at up to 40km/h in the middle of a blooming mountain meadow. Numerous built-in waves provide an extra kick of fun again and again.

Full length:
776 m
Length Valley-ride:
444 m
Length Mountain-ride:
332 m
Mountain conveyor system:
T-bar lift
Height difference:
57 m
Ø Gradient Valley-ride:
12 %
max. Speed:
40 km/H
Sled Count:
25 pcs.

But not only the descent is fast, also the entire construction of the facility in Durau could be completed in the record time of only 12 days and makes this Mounten Coaster literally the fastest summer toboggan run of Sunkid so far.


  • Use of existing infrastructure
  • Fast assembly and dismantling
  • Cost-efficient toboggan transport
  • Low manpower requirements
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Mountain Coaster
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