Mountain Coaster Borsec
with its 1,440 meters one of the longest summer toboggan runs in Romania

The new Sunkid Mountain Coaster

Place: Borsec /Year: 2020 / Product: Mountain Coaster

The small town of Borsec with its 2,500 inhabitants was a popular health resort in the times of the K&K monarchy and was known for its natural mineral water springs. Currently, Borsec is experiencing a renewed upswing and has been thrilling its guests since this summer with a new mountain coaster from Sunkid. With a total length of 1,440 meters, of which 575 meters are for the uphill transport and 865 meters for the downhill, the Borsec Mountain Coaster is one of the longest summer toboggan runs in all of Romania.

The Mountain Coaster makes optimal use of the existing infrastructure in the form of a surface lift, which results not only in reduced construction costs, but also in numerous advantages in daily operation. As with the closed system used in Durau, the passenger boards the Mountain Coaster at the bottom station and is then transported by the tow lift to the start of the track.

Length Valley-ride:
1440 m
Length Mountain-ride:
575 m
Mountain conveyor system:
T-bar lift
Height difference:
865 m
Ø Gradient Valley-ride:
14 %
max. Speed:
40 km/H
Sled Count:
32 pcs.

Once there, the toboggan automatically disengages and the fast ride can begin. Once at the destination, the toboggan is handed over to the next guest and the fun begins again. This not only reduces the need for personnel, but also allows the number of toboggans required to be determined precisely.


  • Use of existing infrastructure
  • Fast assembly and disassembly 
  • Cost-efficient toboggan transport
  • Low personnel requirements
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