Sunkid: Beaming faces in the Grossarl Valley
The Fischbacher exercise meadow has been redesigned and now once again delights the whole family.

The Großarler Bergbahnen invested for the winter season 2019/20 again in the long term.

Place: Großarl /Year: 2021 / Product: Moving Carpet / Sunny Stuff / Rotondo

The Grossarl Valley is known for its excellent skiing in winter. Because the valley is part of Ski amadé - Austria's largest skiing pleasure.

The Fischbacher adventure meadow perfectly complements the great skiing pleasure and is accessible to everyone free of charge.

For orientation, there are toucan pillars on the meadow. At the beginning, guests can decide right away whether they prefer to be transported to "Ski & Fun" by the Fischbacher lift or to "Play & Ski & Fun" by the Sunkid Moving Carpet.

The T-bar lift - a.k.a. Fischbacher lift - takes guests young and old to the gondola lift of the Grossarl cable cars, where the entrance to the Grossarl-Dorfgastein ski circuit is located.

Grossarl mountain railroads
Passenger transport
90 m
750 mm
Blue Eye
22 kW
max. Speed:
0.7 m/sec

The winter playground offers enough space for children to whiz down the hill with their toboggans, bobsleds or sliding blades. In addition to the cozy Sunkid seating, there is also a snowball wall themed by Großarl, where young and old can have a snowball fight.

The Grossarl Valley did not miss the opportunity to individually design the Kinderland. In the theming, "Rucki Zucki", the cheeky little rucksack who is the children's mascot of the Grossarl Valley, plays a very important role.

"Rucki Zucki" not only adorns the toucan pillars, but also the snowball wall, the Sunny Stuff figures and the Rotondo, which serves as the Snowtube carousel.

The children and parents are visibly thrilled by the new adventure meadow and find great pleasure in the wide range of activities on offer.

To ensure that the lift ride is not boring, there are various animal foam figures along the lift route.

The animals can also be seen from the "Alm-Express". The "Alm-Express" is a Sunkid Moving Carpet that transports all those up the ski slope who want to let off steam at the winter playground or dare their first turns on skis.

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