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Outdoor fitness is extremely versatile and is also very trendy

The Wood'n'Fun-fitalPARCS offer the possibility to exchange the gym for outdoor training.

Place: Weiz /Year: 2021 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

Due to the measures taken to contain the spread of the coronavirus, gyms have been closed for months. This not only hurts the owners financially, but also the members who can no longer pursue their workouts.

Since there's no telling when gyms will be allowed to reopen and under what conditions, it's a good idea to find an alternative to indoor workouts. A good alternative is a Wood'n'Fun-fitalPARC, which is ideal for outdoor use.

This type of outdoor exercise option scores points for its modular design, naturalistic implementation, optimal health prevention, and the fact that it meets the highest safety standards.

The fitalPARCS can be divided into three categories:

ACTIVE: Innovative movement courses for health prevention, for fun and games alone or in teams. The ACTIVE line was developed as a multigenerational course. These courses can be easily embedded in nature. In addition, they can be expanded into entire adventure worlds or become a part of them. These courses are mainly addressed to cities, municipalities and hotels.

MED: Exercise, garden therapy, experience with all senses - fitalPARC med. This new type of therapy facility helps people in clinics, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers to cope better with their daily lives. This category is recommended for golf clubs, residential and nursing homes and spa facilities.

SPORTS: The trend for outdoor exercise continues unabated - especially in times of pandemic. The SPORTS category is an "outdoor gym," as it consists of gymnastics circuits, suspended tracks, and parallel bars. This training equipment is designed to build strength, improve coordination and endurance. We recommend this product to all those who work in the sports industry.

A nice example of an already realized Wood'n'Fun-fitalPARC is the Funergy-Park in the Styrian city of Weiz:

The playground in Styria (AUT).

In the Styrian city of Weiz, energy has always been a big issue. As one of the largest projects on the topic of energy, the Funergy- Park was opened a few months ago. Embedded in an "ordinary" playground, it offers playground equipment on the topic of "energy" and "physics". The aim of this playground is to introduce children to the topic of energy and the closely related physics in an interactive way. The wooden playground equipment with its urban design was manufactured by Sunkid's cooperation partner Almholz.

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