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With the right choice of partners, suppliers and products, it is possible to create an optimal and diverse summer offer.

Place: St. Corona am Wechsel /Year: 2021 / Product: Moving Carpet

In recent years, the family arena in St. Corona has been further developed in its bike activities by Allegra Tourismus & Trails AG, which specializes in the planning of bike parks, and Sunkid with the proven implementation of various attractions.

One project where all factors have worked super together is the Wexl Trails in the Erlebnisarena St. Corona (AT): Sunkid has been supporting the Erlebnisarena for many years in brainstorming ideas for both summer and winter, supplying various products that are in use all year round and serve as both learning tools and fun.

It has invested heavily in expanding its summer offerings, turning two small children's trails and a Moving Carpet into a well-known 365-day destination for families and especially bikers.

"At the beginning of the development of the Wexl Trails in St. Corona, we had a bag full of ideas. Allegra's consulting helped us organize these ideas into a clear system and prioritize them with the right impulses," says Karl Morgenbesser, managing director of Erlebnisarena St. Corona / Wexltrails.

The Moving Carpet from Sunkid in Skikinderland has already been in use for several years in winter and now also serves as a climbing aid in the Minibikepark in summer. Meanwhile, bikers are faced with the decision of which of the Moving Carpet they want to ride, because there is already a second one.

The minibike park is the ideal complement to the trails, because here the parents who want to introduce their offspring to trail biking do not have to be afraid of too much risk. In fact, the trails are not as steep as those in the trail park and are especially suitable for beginners (from 3 years old) as well as slightly advanced children. But of course also for teenagers and adults who want to make their first trail experiences on their mountain bike.

Both in the Skikinderland and in the Minibikepark, the Moving Carpet represents the ideal ascent aid.

To make the ride in the trails of the bike parks even more exciting and varied for children, there is the possibility to position Sunny Stuff figures: For example, individualized toucans or a large entrance arch can be placed at the entrance. At the edge of the trails, Sunny Stuff figures stimulate the children's playful learning and serve as a fun factor at the same time.

For the finish area of the bike park, where mostly parents cheer their children or take a break together with them, the Toucans can be used as orientation aids or Sunkids Wood'n'Fun products. Above all, the benches, various loungers and play equipment are ideal for a relaxing break, so that you can go full throttle again afterwards.

Sunkid is already looking forward to further successful cooperation with renowned partners in order to be able to fulfill the respective customer wishes in the best possible way.

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