Sunkid: New Mountain Coaster in Canada
on June 10, the installation of the new mountain coaster called "Mountain Pipe Coaster" at Camp Fortune was celebrated

the first test drives were made

Place: Chelsea /Year: 2021 / Product: Mountain Coaster

Travel options were limited, but that didn't stop the Sunkid Montage team from quickly building the Mountain Coaster. Within only four weeks, the complete Mountain Coaster track was completed and the first test rides were carried out.

Everyone involved had a lot of fun and is looking forward to the guests of Camp Fortune soon being able to enjoy a ride as well.

The adventure starts in the valley, because from there you take the chairlift to one of the highest points in the ski area. During the ascent, you get a unique view of Gatineau Hill. Once at the top, you ride one of the toboggans down the monorail, which is about 670 meters long. Due to the proximity of the rails to the ground, the speed, which you can regulate yourself using the handbrake, is felt much more intensely. The beautiful descent runs through the forest, over the Clifford and Marshall ski slopes and through tunnels specially built for the Mountain Coaster.

Mountain Pipe Coaster - Camp Fortune
Length Valley-ride:
670 m
Mountain conveyor system:
Existing chairlift
Height difference:
95 m
max. Speed:
40 km/H
Sled Count:
30 pcs.

As Camp Fortune turns into a ski resort in winter, individual track elements have to be dismantled. Because the assembly is not complicated, the track can be easily rebuilt by employees of the mountain railroads at the beginning of the summer season.

Camp Fortune's managers chose Sunkid's Mountain Coaster for this very reason, among others. "We chose this model because it fits perfectly in a ski resort, as sections can be dismantled in winter, we could adapt it to our terrain and use our existing chairlift. It was a fitting addition for us and a much needed adventure ride in the Ottawa/Gatineau region." is how the customer sums it up.

Camp Fortune is not only investing in expanding its summer offerings with the Mountain Pipe Coaster, but also in its positioning as a year-round destination. This move is very important because the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on winter tourism, resulting in financial losses. In addition, travel options have changed and the desire for summer vacations at home has increased - the Mountain Pipe Coaster will serve as a point of attraction.

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