Sunkid Heege provides adrenaline
in the Avonturenpark Hellendoorn
Especially the belly bars instead of the previous shoulder bars allow a completely new driving experience.

Since this year, the new roller coaster called "Balagos" - previously known as "Tornado" - has been thrilling guests at Avonturenpark Hellendoorn.

Place: Hellendoorn /Year: 2021 / Product: Amusement Technology

This year, the Dutch amusement and adventure park Hellendoorn had the "Tornado" roller coaster and train modernized. The managers of the Dutch park found the ideal partner for this project in Sunkid Heege, the supplier of a completely new train with unique features.

The roller coaster was not only renovated, but also received a new name and a new theming in the course of the modernization. Namely, from the 2021 season, "Tornado" became the dragon called "Balagos."

To make the theming stand out even more, the tracks were painted a fiery orange. The roller coaster's surroundings and Sunkid's new train - the centerpiece of every roller coaster - were of course also themed. The black carriages, especially the so-called Front Car, immediately catch the eye. In this case, a black dragon head with protruding scales and fiery red eyes forms the figurehead of the train.

By means of theming and a new train, a completely new attraction.

In addition to the revised theming, the new train from Sunkid contributes significantly to the new ride experience of "Belagos". Belly bars instead of constricting shoulder bars, a freer seating position and a smoother ride let passengers feel speed and G-forces more intensely. The new train is also built according to the latest standards and has been designed to be very maintenance-friendly. Thus, Avonturenpark Hellendoorn succeeded not only in bringing an existing coaster up to the state of the art, but also in creating a completely new attraction for its visitors by means of a spectacular new ride experience and a loving theming.

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