Wooden Ball Tracks inspire amusement parks

Wood'n'Fun is on trend. This year, the trend towards sustainable solutions made of wood continues and is becoming increasingly popular in amusement parks.

Place: Nørre Asmindrup /Year: 2021 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

The amusement park "Sommerland Sjælland" in the north of Denmark is the optimal destination for a day out with the family.

With the huge slide paradise and a lot of fun and exciting attractions, such as the loop roller coaster, the trampolines, the two Sunkid Nautic Jets and the 3D cinema, entertainment is provided all day long.

Since this year, the fun attractions of the amusement park also include the 30-meter Wooden Ball Tracks, the 50-meter double-barrel Wooden Ball Tracks and the Premium Wooden Ball Tracks Tower.

The principle of the products is easy to explain: The custom-printed wooden ball is ejected by operating a specially designed wooden ball machine. With the branded ball in hand, guests young and old then head for the Wooden Ball Tracks or Wooden Ball Tower.

At the Wooden Ball Tracks and Wooden Ball Towers, the children then accompany their ball from the start to the finish - ensuring lots of fun, action and movement.

To ensure that playing with the Wood'n'Fun wooden ball products is never boring, a number of obstacle stations have been installed around the tower and within the track. At these stations, the ball overcomes, for example, cowbells, funnels, horseshoes and many other hurdles. The varied track creates exciting sounds and noises.

The ball can be chased as often as desired through the track to top the record of siblings, friends or your own!

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