Moving Carpet creates excitement in Mieming
The current Covid19 situation also characterizes the winter season 20/21 and makes it difficult for the cable cars and Ski Schools to operate. Ensuring Christmas operations, at least in Austria, was very much welcomed.

Since the very beginning of its company history, Sunkid has been supporting large and small projects with its "Winter in the Village" initiative, which, with a lot of commitment, bring winter sports as close as possible to the local population.

Place: Mieming /Year: 2021 / Product: Moving Carpet

Already since the 70s the municipality of Mieming has been operating a small Sunkid Comfort Star lift at the "Holzeis-Bichl", which is located opposite the Raiffeisenbank in Mieming. After more than 40 years of reliable operation, the municipality of Mieming decided to replace the lift with a new Sunkid Moving Carpet. With this replacement, tobogganers, bobsledders and walkers can now be transported to the sunny "Holzeis-Bichl" without any effort.

The area is ideal for teaching even the youngest children the beginnings of skiing and snow sports. The lively operation of the Moving Carpet testifies to the joy among all age groups of the local population.

The purchase of the Moving Carpet was supported by the state of Tyrol through the subsidy for micro and small ski areas. The aim of this support is that the offer is improved in the context of municipal or regional development.

Winter in Mieming
Moving Carpet "Holzeis-Bichl" Mieming
75 m
600 mm
Blue Eye
11 kW
max. Speed:
0.7 m/sec
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The transport solution that is hard to beat in terms of versatility
Moving Carpet
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