Family Rides: The BUTTERFLY can also be used indoors
Most often the Sunkid BUTTERFLY is installed outdoor

However, it is also incredibly fun indoors - not only for the children, but also for their parents. And that also in the XL variant

Place: Andernach /Year: 2016 / Product: Family Rides

Andernach (GER): The TRAMPOLINO family and leisure park, located in Andernach, Rhineland-Palatinate, offers plenty of attractions for the whole family. In addition to the outdoor area (including a Sunkid NAUTIC-JET), an indoor area is also part of the extensive grounds. Right next to the already built Sunkid TOWER, a Sunkid BUTTERFLY has now been installed. This shines not only in the new form, but also in the fresh colors yellow-blue. The Sunkid BUTTERFLY is particularly spectacular not only for the users themselves, but also for the visitors who use the benches directly under and next to the access ramp. They are more or less "right in the middle of it instead of just being there".

Eschweiler (GER): The Sunkid BUTTERFLY at Rocolino is just as spectacular. There is an XL version of the BUTTERFLY. XL in this case means an extension of the track to 25 meters, resulting in a launch height of over 7 meters. And a maximum speed of 33km/h. Nevertheless, there is an age clearance already from 7years and 125cm or 4years 105cm (accompanied).
Originally, the Butterfly was to be installed outdoors. Due to the possibility of year-round use, the operator decided during the production phase and extensive measurements on site in the hall then but for indoor installation. This is so far unique in the XL variant.

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