A Moving Carpet with special gallery

New beginner area shines with new Moving Carpet and unique view of Mont Blanc!

Place: Saint-Gervais /Year: 2021 / Product: Moving Carpet

A new Sunkid conveyor belt has been built into the mountainside and designed to fit perfectly into the landscape, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the panorama of Mont Blanc in both summer and winter.

The village of St. Gervais is located at the foot of Mont Blanc in the High Savoy in France. The municipal area extends from 580 meters in the valley up to the summit area of Mont Blanc at 4,807 meters.

The ski area, with some 183 slopes and 56 lifts, has enjoyed a new state-of-the-art Moving Carpet in the beginner area since last year. The new beginner area was not built in the valley, like many other beginner slopes, but on Mont d'Arbois, an area at altitude accessible to skiers and pedestrians by cable car, and with guaranteed snow, restaurants and cafes nearby, and a playground in front of Mont Blanc, it is the perfect place for families.

After a little training in the so-called "Marmottons area", skiers can easily descend from 1840 meters above sea level to the valley. The redesign of the Mont d'Arbois summit was conceived taking into account the different uses of the terrain and respecting the existing sensitive landscape.

A fast and comfortable access to the summit with the help of a new Moving Carpet was required. Half of this was built underground in a concrete gallery so that the area above could be used for a playground and recreational benches. It was also possible to improve the flow of skiers and pedestrians by extending the surface at the gondola exit. The new Sunkid conveyor belt provides access to the new "Marmottons" ski area with a very gentle, consistent 9% grade.

Further down, there is a new lift that offers the ideal learning conditions with its various steep slopes after the beginner area. These two areas complement each other, with skiing continuing from the top (entry to the area for beginners) to the bottom with the Ski Lift and its various slopes. The location of the lifts also allows skiers coming from Mont Joux to easily reach the top of Mont d'Arbois.


Photos: (c) Luke Jarmey

Moving Carpet St. Gervais
Beginner slopes
75 m
750 mm
11 kW
max. Speed:
0.7 m/s
Ø Gradient :
9 %
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Moving Carpet
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