The Moving Carpet: Longer - Higher - Wider

New logistics solution from Sunkid and BORER in Bettmeralp with great success

Place: Bettmeralp /Year: 2010 / Product: Moving Carpet

For logistical solutions in ski resorts to improve the accessibility of gastronomy and Ski Lifts or as return solutions, the conveyor belt lift has been able to establish itself in recent years. Above all, the increase in user-friendliness has already convinced numerous operators. In Bettmeralp (Valais), this development culminated in a fascinating project: to increase the capacity of a return solution, an existing anchor surface lift was replaced by a conveyor belt. At 237 m, the new lift is the longest Moving Carpet with a conveyor belt width of 1,200 mm (standard: 600 mm)! The conveyor belt canopy also represents an individual solution, which was raised by 80 cm and therefore reaches an interior height of over three meters. The Moving Carpet in Bettmeralp is convincing: Longer - Higher - Wider!

The new BORER return solution is located in the Tanzboden area, so that winter sports enthusiasts can return to the center easily and comfortably. On peak days, the new 1,200 mm wide conveyor belt achieved over 2,500 trips per hour, guaranteeing fast, easy and safe return transport for guests. No queuing - no waiting times, this convinced the operators and pleased the winter sports enthusiasts.

At 237 m, the new lift is the longest Moving Carpet with a conveyor belt width of 1,200 mm (standard: 600 mm)! Based on a basic framework, BORER and its partner Sunkid are the only manufacturers able to offer widths of 500 mm, 600 mm, 750 mm, 900 mm and 1,200 mm for the Moving Carpet. The conveyor belt is driven by a double motor with a total power of 45 KW. Belt tensioning is provided by an active hydraulic system in the bottom station of the Moving Carpet. Access barriers are used to control the entry of guests onto the conveyor belt.

The customized gallery was raised by 80 cm. This allows an interior height of over three meters and conveys a fascinating ride experience. In fine weather, the conveyor belt canopy guarantees guests a fantastic view of the mountain panorama in the Valais. In adverse conditions, the canopy protects winter sports enthusiasts from rain, snow, wind and cold. For the operators on Bettmeralp, there is no need for cleaning when snow falls and the conveyor belt is immediately ready for use. This offers numerous advantages not only for operation but also for service and maintenance work.

Decisive for the new solution, apart from the higher capacity, lower personnel costs and increased user-friendliness, were above all the options that are open for future attractions. The conveyor lift is the ideal ascent aid in winter as well as in summer for all athletes but also for pedestrians, wheelchair users or families with baby carriages. The Moving Carpet - the individual, multifunctional ascent aid for the whole year!

Sunkid conveyor belts in Bettmeralp
237 m
1200 mm
22.5 kW
max. Speed:
0.7 m/s

Cold resistance down to -40 degrees Celsius

Clamping distance in the deflection station: 2.36 m

Drive: 2x 22,5 KW (double motor drive)

Clamping force of the active-hydraulic clamping station: 4 tons

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