Two New Towers for the All-New Sesame Place Theme Park in the US

Sesame Place San Diego, the first Sesame-Street theme park on the West Coast, has two themed Sunkid Towers installed which will delight guests.

Place: Orlando /Year: 2022 / Product: Family Rides

Sesame Place San Diego opened in March 2022. The all-new theme park is an exciting new place where the imagination of Sesame Street comes to life through whirling rides, splashy water slides, exciting shows and parades, an interactive Sesame Street neighborhood, and everyone’s favorite furry friends.

Two of the park’s rides include two brand new Sunkid Towers themed around Cookie Monster, called the Cookie Climb. The Sunkid Tower is a classic among the family rides with more than 110 installations worldwide.

The operating principle of the Cookie Climb is simple: By pulling the rope of the Cookie Climb, the double seat moves upwards with motorised assistance, so riders. can decide how high they want to go. When the rope is released, the double seat gently, allowing riders to go up and down as they please. During the ride, the Cookie Climb rotates around its own axis, rewarding riders with a magnificent panoramic view of Sesame Place San Diego.

Perfect for both children and adults, the two towers that make up the ride are themed to Cookie Monster, the furry, googly-eyed monster who loves to eat cookies on the award-winning television show Sesame Street. Painted blue, one tower represents Cookie Monster and the other his favorite sometimes-treat, cookies!



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