Sunny Moving Carpet ride in wood clad gallery

Flims project for Weisse Arena Bergbahnen AG

Place: Laax /Year: 2020 / Product: Moving Carpet

Located directly at the Flims valley station, a Sunkid Moving Carpet with Evolus gallery in partial wood paneling runs under the "arenaexpress". It serves as a feeder for the "Ami Sabi Schneewunderland" in Flims, which allows young skiers to immerse themselves in a magical fairytale world during lessons.

A special visual feature of the Evolus-M gallery is the 64-centimeter-high wooden panel on both sides. This matches the wood-clad bottom station of the "arenaexpress" perfectly and gives a foretaste of the nature-oriented design of the Kinderland. The entry and exit areas are also covered - in this case fully glazed - and allow a pleasant ride up the mountain for all winter sports enthusiasts even in bad weather.

In addition to guest comfort, the Evolus-M gallery offers a certain degree of independence in low snow conditions. Thus, there is no need to prepare a lateral "fall protection" with snow, which guarantees a high availability and minimizes the start preparations in the morning. The emergency exit is designed by means of a roll-up tarpaulin and can be opened quickly and safely in case of emergency.

Due to the good experience with existing installations, Weisse Arena Bergbahnen AG had a Sunkid Moving Carpet with flex link chain (600 mm) installed once again via the Swiss Sunkid subsidiary Borer Lift AG.

Moving Carpet Flims
45 m
600 mm
Flex link chain
5.5 kW
max. Speed:
0.7 m/sec
Ø Gradient :
22 %
Capacity :
1200 pph

Evolus M with wooden panel

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