Sunkid equips complete children's area in Wildschönau

Total package of Moving Carpet, Sunny Stuff and Sunline

Place: Wildschönau /Year: 2023 / Product: Moving Carpet / Sunny Stuff / SUNLINE / Rotondo

In the "Ski Juwel" Alpbachtal Wildschönau, the new Schatzberg Zwergenland promises even more fun in the snow. The variety of Sunkid products from the Sunny Stuff area enhances the experience of young guests - both when skiing (learning) and playing in the snow.

The new large children's area at the Schatzberg mid-station was created jointly by the Tourist Association, the cable car and the Ski School and is divided into two areas: The ski school area, demarcated by individually printed fences and toucans around two existing Sunkid Moving Carpet, and a slope accessible via XL Moving Carpet with wave run and fun elements for advanced racers.

Individuality, safety and technical aids for Ski School students and instructors: This is guaranteed by the fences, Toucan columns and interactive figures supplied by Sunkid - all in the fun Schatzberg dwarf design. To make the fun even greater, there is a snow playground around the large snow igloo with a throwing or photo wall, weather-resistant seating and Rotondo carousel with tubing.

Just a snowball's throw away, all guests of the ski area can experience action and adventure: The Sunline, which was individually designed together with Sunkid, delights with a wide variety of interactive fun elements. Toucans mark the start, xylophone, low five and rotating figure invite to high-five during the rapid downhill ride over the wave track and are designed so stable that both guests and mountain railroads will enjoy it for a long time.

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