Park reopening (Japan) with interactive Sunkid Tower

Individual "Radio Tower" in Takefu Central Park

Place: Fukui /Year: 2023 / Product: Family Rides

Takefu Central Park in Echizen (Fukui Prefecture, Japan) advertises the basic concept that guests of all ages can relax, play, discover, learn and enjoy themselves here.

Various playgrounds and playground equipment invite you to climb and romp. Monorail, Ferris wheel, Viking ship and other rides offer fun for the whole family. In the course of its reopening, the park operated by the city of Echizen presented a wide variety of new family rides. One highlight among them is Sunkid's tower, designed in a custom radio tower design.

This interactive ride, which rotates on its own axis, offers its passengers a magnificent all-round view. Everyone can decide for themselves how high and how often they want to go up and down. By gently pulling the rope of the tower, the double seat moves upwards with the help of a motor. When the rope is released, the double seat gently descends again.

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