Completely new Ski School and Snow Fun Park in Molveno

Sunkid develops concept and supplies equipment

Place: Molveno /Year: 2023 / Product: Moving Carpet / Sunny Stuff

The winter world of Molveno on the Pradel plateau awaits with great tobogganing and skiing fun for the whole family. On January 29, 2023, a newly created area - "Fun Park e Campo Scuola" - opened its doors especially for the youngest snow enthusiasts.

This is how the operator Funivie Molveno describes the latest attraction, which visitors can reach by cable car "La Panoramico": "A big, cheerful, sunny and safe island where the little ones [...] are introduced to skiing and can play and have fun in an area specially designed for them!"

The overall concept for the area, which will be used both for ski lessons and by guests for playing and snow tubing, was developed in close consultation with President Ing. Silvio Zenzi (Molveno-Pradel), with the cooperation of Sunkid - the world's leading year-round provider of leisure attractions for the whole family - and a regional planning office.

At the center of the colorful hustle and bustle - around a giant wooden squirrel - is a 67-meter-long Sunkid Moving Carpet of the latest generation (Type N). This transports all snow sports enthusiasts quickly and safely up the hill. At the top station, young skiers turn right for practice runs. If you leave the conveyor belt to the left, three perfectly groomed runs await you, ready for you to take your own sled or a Sunkid snow tube down the hill. The bravest even dare to slide over the obstacles set up, although the ride comes to an end at the last "STOP" sign and the brake mat.

Other Sunkid products from the "Sunny Stuff" range turn the ski descent on the opposite side into a child-friendly, interactive experience. Toucans and entrance arches serve as signposts throughout the area. Funny designed monster figures invite children to slalom or ride through as well as high-five and box their way down. Snow flowers, troll family members and other obstacles keep the ski lessons colorful and varied.

After Sunkid has already built two Wooden Ball Tracks at the same location for the summer, comfortable seating and loungers made of Styrian larch wood invite you to take a break and sunbathe in the winter. From these, parents have an unobstructed view of their offspring - including the original "Rotondo" skiing and tubing carousel, which impresses with its versatility in both winter and summer and stands equally for playful learning and pure leisure fun.

Right next to the parents, hares, chamois as well as ibexes and roebucks watch the action in the children's park from the edge of the forest. Since these are also from the Sunkid concept or catalog, many visitors use the decorative figures for photo snapshots or as targets for throwing snowballs.

The happy faces of children, parents and ski instructors confirm the success of the project for Molveno and Sunkid: The effort - from the individual overall conception, to the production, to the turnkey implementation - has paid off.

Moving Carpet
Beginner terrain
67 m
600 mm
Blue Eye
7.5 kW
max. Speed:
0.7 m/s
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