Brunnalm - Hohe Veitsch inspires with sustainable attractions from the all-year portfolio of Sunkid

Individual wooden playground equipment around the play pond as well as a summer tubing track including Sunkid Moving Carpet are the summer highlights

Place: Sankt Barbara im Mürztal /Year: 2023 / Product: Moving Carpet / Tubing / Wood'n'Fun

St. Barbara im Mürztal (Styria) - The enthusiasm of visitors to the Brunnalm - Hohe Veitsch makes those responsible feel positive shortly after the opening of the new Kinderland that the expansion to a year-round destination - after almost 70 years of pure winter operation - will be worthwhile.

Around the newly created play pond, fun and action await the little Brunnalm guests in the form of various individually designed "Wood'n'Fun" facilities. Fantastic adventures are promised by play huts on the lake, which can be reached either via footbridges or via a water balancing course that trains motor skills and coordination. For this purpose, wobbly wooden platforms and balancing beams as well as a rope spider's web above the water surface are available. In addition, climbing towers, slides and swings, as well as a sand construction site with a crane tower and a tree carousel, invite children to romp around without a break. To relax afterwards, there are also seats and loungers made of sustainable Styrian larch wood.

Due to its durable wood, Mugl's marble run not only promises long-term fun for all play enthusiasts, but also provides the operators with ongoing additional income. Wooden balls can be purchased from a vending machine for three euros each - to play with and keep as souvenirs. Thanks to four different mascot designs, these are also suitable as collector's items.

Also in the spirit of the mascot "Bertl", guests of the area can experience a "chamois slide" on the new summer tubing track. A fast-paced 120-meter-long track made of plastic mats with three steep curves has been built. Action seekers slide down the slope on tubes designed for this purpose and in the Brunnalm design, which can be rented in two different sizes depending on the passenger's body length.

A Sunkid Moving Carpet ensures a fast and safe ascent. This was not newly acquired completely in the sense of the lastingness, but carries out as inventory plant now all year round its service for the Brunnalm - high Veitsch: in the winter as beginners ascent assistance for the child ski land, in the summer as feeder for all Tubing enthusiasts including slide devices.

With all the attractions - in addition to the already mentioned products and facilities from Sunkid and its partner Almholz, also a petting zoo and trampoline - the tourism region is ushering in a new era with the overall project. At the same time, this is an example of how the expansion to year-round operation can be made sustainable by continuing to use existing resources and integrating new facilities into the natural environment with little intervention.

Moving Carpet: Brunnalm - Hohe Veitsch
86 m
600 mm
Blue Eye
11 kW
max. Speed:
0.7 m/s
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