Whether skiing, cross-country skiing or ice skating: multifunctional use of Sunny Stuff

Kalis Cross Park offers an interactive cross-country skiing experience with Sunkid

Place: Ramsau am Dachstein /Year: 2024 / Product: Sunny Stuff

With over 220 kilometers of groomed trails, the cross-country skiing area on the so-called "sunny plateau" in Ramsau am Dachstein (Austria) has always attracted cross-country enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Brand new: With "Kalis Cross Park", the region can now inspire all children, young people and the young at heart for cross-country skiing more than ever before - whether classic or skating.

"Kali's Cross Park offers a varied technical course in a playful way and is waiting to be explored. [...] From a simple slalom to a fast undulating course, through archways, past slalom poles, steep turns and once over a ski jump, there is plenty of fun and variety on offer. The whole thing is not only great fun, it also trains your motor skills and helps [...] to improve your cross-country skiing technique." (Website: Ramsau/Dachstein)

The start of the new park is marked by two Toucan pillars from the Sunkid Sunny Stuff range, individually designed with the "Ramsaur" Kali. Snow brushes and stubbies mark the trail so that everyone can find the right way. An entrance/sun arch with a clearance height of 1.7 meters and a height-adjustable "ski boxing" element from the "Monster Family" - both designed according to customer requirements - increase the interactive fun of learning and promoting cross-country skiing skills.

As a further product highlight from Sunkid Sunny Stuff, cross-country skiing guests will find a police officer in a lovingly designed comic strip in the new beginners' area as well as on a large cross-country ski run, which visually prompts them to stop. Figures like these can also be equipped with loudspeakers including motion detectors and can communicate interactively with passing athletes using specially selected sounds.

The figures and elements from Sunny Stuff offer so many more possible uses - for example in other Austrian vacation regions, such as Saalfelden, Seefeld or Vienna, for beginners in skiing, cross-country skiing or even ice skating.

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