Nauders "always one step ahead with Sunkid".

In Nauders, special emphasis has been placed on the further development of the children's and beginners' area in recent years.

Place: Nauders /Year: 2007 / Product: Moving Carpet / Sunny Stuff / Rotondo

Now the team of the Ski School Nauders Interski around Christian Hofer can dispose of a separate, centrally located practice area, which leaves nothing to be desired. With a Sunkid Rotondo Ski Carousel, two Sunkid Ski Lifts and four Sunkid Moving Carpet of different lengths, you are always one step ahead in Nauders!

The children's offer of the Ski School Nauders Interski includes perfectly groomed slopes, snow tubing, a playground in the snow, the "Nauderix" mini village and many other surprises. Above the ski school area there is the kindergarten where the youngest guests are looked after and at the same time the ski beginners can warm up in between. In the same building, a restaurant suitable for children has also been built. There the Ski School Nauders Interski takes care of the children at lunchtime. Thanks to a good cooperation between the Nauders Cable Cars and Christian Hofer's Ski School, the children's offer has been greatly expanded in recent years. It has paid off, because since this year the Ski School Nauders Interski is one of the TOP children's ski schools in Austria.


Every year a very varied program awaits the children. This year, the focus is on a new type of safety concept, which is designed to teach the 10-FIS rules of conduct to children in a playful way. Another highlight is the NAUDERIX track. A ski trail in the middle of the forest with numerous curves and obstacles. Thus, the Ski School Nauders Interski always comes up with new and innovative ideas.


Since the foundation of the Ski School Nauders Interski 6 years ago, the ski school owners trust in the quality of the Sunkid company. With a Sunkid Rotondo ski carousel, the ski instructors have a modern teaching aid at their disposal to teach the children how to ski curves in a playful way. In addition, the children have fun when they are pulled around in the snow with the snowtubes during the break. Thus, the Sunkid Rotondo brings a lot of fun to the practice area.


The Ski School Nauders Interski has two Sunkid Pino Cords and four Sunkid Moving Carpet conveyor belts of different lengths as ascent aids. The small ski lifts of the Sunkid company have a length of 70m each and are driven by a 3KW strong motor. The ATLAS plastic rope has rubber grips that make it easy to hold on to. With slopes up to a maximum of 15%, Sunkid cord lifts serve as practice lifts for beginners or as feeder lifts. The transport capacity of the Sunkid Pino Cord lifts is up to 1200 persons per hour.


A great relief for children is the ascent with the Sunkid Moving Carpet. In the spacious practice area of the Nauders Interski Ski School, there are four Sunkid Moving Carpet lifts available for beginners and children. On the 9m or 12m Moving Carpet, the very young skiers practice their first descents. As soon as they can brake and make their first turns, they switch to the Sunkid Moving Carpet conveyor belt, which is already 27m long. And if that's not enough, you can switch to the 51m long Sunkid Moving Carpet. Powered by a 7.5KW strong motor, this Moving Carpet reaches a transport capacity of 1400 persons per hour. The specially developed Sunkid Blue Eye surface was used as the conveyor belt surface.


The size of the practice area, as well as the excellent equipment with modern lifts and teaching aids for ski lessons, allow for great teaching success with the children. This is precisely why the Nauders Interski Ski School is so popular with guests. The numerous regular guests appreciate the offer and the service and already look forward to being surprised every year.

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