In order to fully exploit the potential of biking, many mountain railroads and tourist regions are also expanding their existing offer to include a beginner's bike park. This is where the Sunkid Moving Carpet comes into play: The Moving Carpet can be used 365 days a year and can even be set up and dismantled at different locations. This gives the advantage that it can be used, for example, in the ski children's area in winter and in the beginner's bike park in summer.

Due to the great demand, Sunkid developed special technical features for bike park applications, such as:

  • covers in checker plate (easier cleaning)
  • lateral sheeting of the system (possibility of sinking into the ground)
  • systems for cleaning the conveyor belt
  • special exits (optimization of the operation)
  • roofing solutions and remote control of the Moving Carpet with optional video surveillance

In the meantime, 50 Moving Carpets are already in use worldwide, serving as an ascent aid in bike parks during the summer. The longest installation with 171 m is located in the Bike Park des Lacs in Belgium.

The "Bike" trend has also been recognized in Austria, and so it is not surprising that Sunkid Moving Carpet is also being used in bike parks here.

The 4-Berge-Skischaukel (Schladming ski area) is not only known for its great slopes, but also for its hiking trails and for some time now also for its bike parks.

With the Bikepark Reiteralm, the Schladming Dachstein Region has expanded its summer offer, creating a new offer for parents who want to spend time and do sports together with their children.

On the Reiteralm, right next to the Reiteralmhütte, are the Junior Trails. The trails are composed of two lines, which can be divided into four difficulty levels: CHICKEN-Line, SNAKE-Line, FOX-Line and the TIGER-Line.

The Bikepark Schladming also has a lot to offer. The varied range of trails leaves nothing to be desired in the bike park. The different trails and difficulty levels inspire beginners (newbes) and professional downhillers.

In the area of the fairy tale meadow, the bike area is particularly suitable for newbies. In fact, the Bike Area is composed of very easy tracks (Bobby-Line, Cool-Line and Rocket-Line) that allow children to improve their basic skills and hone their technique.

In the Bike Area as well as in the Junior Trails, the Sunkid Moving Carpet serves as a comfortable ascent aid to get back to the start of the practice area.

Just in time for the summer season, Bergbahnen Hohsaas in Kreuzboden (CH) also opened the Skills Park with three new trails and a Moving Carpet.

Next to the well-known winter sports resort of Saas-Fee in the Swiss Alps lies the community of Saas-Grund. For many years, mountain biking has also been a big topic. For this reason, the offer at Kreuzboden, which until now featured a Moving Carpet in winter and a lake, a playground and a restaurant in summer, has been expanded to include three skills trails.

The bike park is not only intended to introduce children to mountain biking, but also to offer adults the opportunity to overcome personal challenges and, if necessary, to improve their technique on the bike.

The company Borer Lift AG, which is part of Sunkidworld, already supplied Bergbahnen Hohsaas with a Moving Carpet in 2009, which serves as an ascent aid for skiers at Kreuzboden in winter. At that time, a terrain model was even created for this project in order to plan the earth corrections.

Since this year, this Moving Carpet has the "bike add-on function" - namely, it now also functions as a means of transport to effortlessly bring bikers back to the start of the trails.


Length: 75 m Drive 11 kW Speed: up to 0.7 m/s Belt: Blue Eye


Length: 60 m Drive 11 kW Speed: up to 0.7 m/s Tape: Blue Eye Gallery: yes


Length: 138 m Drive 18.5 kW Speed: up to 0.7 m/s Tape: Blue Eye

Here you can learn more about Moving Carpet in Bikeparks.

Photo credits:Christine Höflehner