Easy maintenance, more comfortable and unique design

One gallery - many possibilities

The advantages of the Sunkid Gallery are obvious: Less effort in maintenance and operation of the system increase operational safety and save costs. Increased comfort for your guests through protection from wind and weather. Countless possibilities for theming and design or for marketing purposes. Sunkid galleries for your Moving Carpet can not only be retrofitted, but are also suitable for many other applications: Gathering point ski children's land, covered panoramic rest areas, roofing of paths and bridges, and much more.

Photovoltaic elements, valuable wooden cladding, protected entry and exit areas, and, and, and... The numerous equipment options for our galleries allow an individual adaptation to your wishes and thus create optimal solutions for every purpose.


Evolus gallery consists of aluminum arches and large-area polycarbonate panes. Alternatively, a side wooden planking is available.


Varios gallery has arches made of wood glued beams, as well as large-area panes made of polycarbonate. Alternatively, customizable cladding made of a wide variety of materials and shapes.

Duplex + Duplex XL

Duplex + Duplex XL Gallery protects two parallel Person Conveyor Belts. The basic structure of the canopy is formed by aluminum profile half arches with a filling of polycarbonate.

Special roofing Solux

The Sunkid Solux is an extraordinary wind- and weatherproof gallery in a special design. Due to its modular design, the Solux is suitable for a wide range of applications.

How to set the scene

Thematize and stage

Individually designed entrances and exits, modern design and many technical features transform the Wonder Carpet into a brand ambassador for your destination. Through the staging by means of animatronics and other technologies, you offer your guests an experience in a class of its own.


The solar modules for your Sunkid Gallery generate more electricity than is consumed in daily operation. Set an example as a sustainable and environmentally conscious destination.


Night skiing, tubing or tobogganing is a special experience for your guests. The illuminated Sunkid gallery supports you optimally and is a real eye-catcher.


Take advantage of the many design options for theming, as advertising space or for customer information. We will be happy to print and install the stickers for you.


Choose from countless other options such as wooden side panels, covered exit and entry, sliding or hinged doors, tarpaulins, side exit and more.